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Brand, Print, Web, Graphics, Photo & Video

Wenonah Creates, LLC provides creative services to your organization through brand development, commercial photography, custom illustration, online content management, print design and video production.

Missy Schneider and Blake Darst have over 35 years of combined experience in the graphic arts. We value affordability, collaboration, positivity and simplicity. Our aim is to offer resources that are financially obtainable for entrepreneurs in Winona and the surrounding communities.

Missy Monotone

Missy Schneider

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Designer. Cat Lover. Friend to Giraffes.

Missy Schneider brings 20 years of Creative Services experience to Wenonah Creates. She began playing with layout design and graphics software for her high school newspaper and continued through college. After graduation, a job in marketing evolved into a communications gig that led to a publication designer role. To Missy, each job is a giant puzzle (or Lego kit!), working with the pieces given until they all fit together properly. Missy’s love of color, typography and the printed piece fuels her passion for GREAT design.

In her spare time, Missy enjoys baking for hubby Jon and their two littles, hosting impromptu dance parties in her kitchen, knitting with a glass of wine (or three!) and designing cards for her stationery line: mlaStudio.

Blake Monotone

Blake Darst

Husband. Dad. Brother. Son. Closet Artist. Corgi Fan. Needs Coffee.

Blake’s multimedia career began with the high school yearbook, which led to the newsroom, which led to the portrait studio, which led to the marketing agency, which led to corporate PR… and so on. This path naturally meandered towards video work. A passion for classic illustration inspires his graphic design. Content management puts him in a deep state of flow. Overall, Blake fancies himself a creative MacGyver with whatever resources are available.

Blake’s free time is spent writing pen-and-paper roleplaying games. He also enjoys bingeing on science-fiction and fantasy novels and shows with his wife Jessi.

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Missy Schneider Art Director
507.459.3101  |  wenonahcreates@gmail.com

Blake Darst Multimedia Producer
507.312.9592  |  wenonahcreates@gmail.com